Top by “edge” (bought at TJ Maxx), jeans from Forever 21, ring by Lucky Brand (bought at TJ Maxx)
I LOVE this new top of mine! It’s flowy and fun, and it definitely compliments a curvy figure like mine. It does have to be worn with tight pants/shorts, though, because it billows at the back and won’t look good with baggier shorts/pants. I love the ring, too. It came in a lovely set of four, and the colors matched PERFECTLY with the new shirt.
(My other two fashionistas have gone AWOL… this makes me sad!) 
Blouse from H&M, pants (they’re a dark green, but no photo ever does them justice…) from Forever 21, sandals by Steve Madden, earrings from Forever 21
Friday was another “Fancy Friday” spirit day, but I didn’t feel too fancy, so I tried for a semi-fancy outfit. I was a little self-conscious about the shirt (it’s ever-so-slightly see-through and I’ve gained a few pounds in the past weeks due to stress and exhaustion, but after a while I relaxed and enjoyed the outfit. I hope you like it! -Leah
Flats by Lucky Brand, ring and earrings from Forever 21, top from Old Navy, skirt from Forever 21
Don’t know where the other two ladies have gone…but I, myself, have been lousy with my fashion lately, a result of the many stresses in my life. I decided to perk my week up with a cute and easy outfit, and I received kind compliments, so I felt pretty good today. The perfect outfit to slim a curvy figure, in my opinion. -Leah
Cardigan and pants (they’re greenish, but the light didn’t make them appear that way…sigh) from Forever 21, shirt from J.Crew, flats by Lucky Brand.
Today was my friend Emily’s birthday, and a couple of girls decided to make it “Dress like Emily Madden day” so I participated. My main goal in appearing like her was in my pants and flats, as she wears black flats a lot and has similar pants. I also felt a little J.Crew-y in this :) By far one of my favorite outfits I’ve done so far! -Leah

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Jeans from Forever 21, shoes by TOMS, shirt from Forever 21, earrings from Forever 21
Felt like wearing a simple outfit today, so I paired basic jeans and shoes with a perky, new top! Spring is kicking in! Best wishes to you all, sorry for the lack of posts, lately!
With love and squalor, Leah :)
Tea party outfit! Im obsessed with those flats i got at urban outfitters for 6 dollars. 
Xx, jenn
My favorite way to add a pop of color- a colorful belt! -Crystal
Shirt from Old Navy, pants from Forever 21, flats by Lucky Brand, ring from MACY*S, necklace from Forever 21, earrings from Forever 21, blazer from Charlotte Russe
Apparently this makes me look like a lawyer. I’m just here to party it up for Passover and eat some matzah, you know?
(ps this photo appears to be having technical difficulties on the Dashboard…please look at it on our profile if it doesn’t show up!)